General questions.

Are Pure Bubbles Products Vegan ?

Expect Propolis Night Cream, rest is vegan.

Which face wash is good for dry acne prone sensitive skin ?

Bamboo charcoal Facewash.

How to choose a right Serum for my oily skin ?

For oily acne prone skin look for Niacinamide in AM, BHA or AHA in evening.

How to choose a right Serum for my Dry skin ?

Look for Hyaluronic acid based serums, Vitamin C and AHA based serums for dry skin.

Most important part of a skincare routine ?

Face wash and sunscreen are two most importance parts of your skincare routine. Face wash helps keep your skin clean and clear which helps all the serums and moisturisers penetrate into your skin. Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage and skin cancer which makes it the most important part of your skincare.

How can I fix unEven tone Skin ?

By incorporating Niacinamide based product(oily skin) or vitamin C based product(dry skin) one can reduce uneven skintone. Using a sunscreen is mandatory for uneven skintone as the sun harmful rays can make it worse. So prevention is better than cure.

Why it is important to use Moisturisers in All seasons ?

Moisturisers protect our skin's natural barrier. They keep our lipids in tact and maintain its moisture levels as they tend to deplete as we age.

When should the moisturisers to be applied ?

Moiturisers must be used AM/PM after your serums.

Do someone needs to moisturise thier oily skin ?

Yes, even oily skin needs moisturiser as it balances excess sebum production. 

How to top skin from breaking out ?

Using a gentle cleanser, Incorporating BHA/AHA and Niacinamide based products and a sunscreen everyday can stop the skin from breaking out. Keep a simple routine and stick to products that suit you.

How to handle a sensitive skin ?

Use a lot of ceramide based moisturiser, Hyaluronic acid based serum, sunscreen, gentle cleanser. Avoid using high percentages of active like vitamin c, niacinamide, aha, bha. Use gentle serums which are developed by Pure Bubbles skincare as all dosages are controlled and emphasis on plant extracts that soothe the skin everyday.

How to get rid of blakheads and whiteheads ?

Gentle face wash everyday. Use BHA in your routine 3 times a week for black head. Use AHA 3 times a week for white heads. Use a moisturiser like Propolis or Centella asiatica and ensure you are following the routine properly to avoid black heads and white heads. Remove make up properly before going to bed to ensure pores are not clogged.

How to reduce oil production  in Skin ?

Use products that help balance sebum Like niacinamide, BHA, Clarity lotion and Barrier resert moistuirser.

Questions on Retinol.

Why Pure bubbles Retinol is in Cream form ?

This product is made up of nourishing emolients like shea butter, moringa oil & other beneficial extracts which makes sure there is minimum peeling & drying of the skin.

When can you start using retinol ?

If you have acne. Then you can start your retinol journey as early as 21 years otherwise after 25 years its good time to start.

How to use Retinol face Cream ?

Twice a week at night for beginners, & use sunscreen every morning for better results.

Can we use Retinol for, acne prone skin, acne marks & Pigmentation?

Yes, you can use Retinol for acne marks & Pigmentation.

Why Can't I Use Retinol or Retinoids During Pregnancy ?

The role of topical Retinol is controversial as there is no solid data proving anything. Hence to be on the safer side women are encouraged not to use Retinol while pregnant and breast feeding.

Can I Use Retinol Every Day?

If you are a beginner start twice a week to avoid irritation. If you are an experienced user it is fine to use every night.

What’s the Difference Between Retinol and Retinoids?

They both are similar. Retinol is a type of Retinoid. Retinol generally is refers to over the counter products.

What's the Best Way to Use Retinol to Avoid Irritation?

Use on clean skin. Moisturise 10 minutes after using Retinol. Use sunscreen every morning SPF30 and more.

How Do I Choose a Good Retinol ?


Questions on Propolis Night Cream.

What is Propolis ?

Propolis is a natural compound produced by bees to remove infections& heal wounds.

Can propolis help with hyperpigmentation ?

Another great reason to use propolis is reducing the pigmentation, sun tan and brightens giving an overall appealing skin complexion.

Is propolis good for damaged skin barrier ?

Yes, as it is a anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory it speeds the healing process of the skin. It creates a protective layer on the skin and repairs any damage from external environment.

Does propolis have side effects?

It may be irritating to people who are allergic to bees.

Questions on Centella Moisturizer.

Does Centella repair skin barrier?

Yes, the 3 ceramides and oat lipid form a protective layer on the skin protecting the barrier.

Does Centella prevent acne ?

Yes, it helps control any further breakouts and heals existing acne.

How often can you use Centella ?

Centella is unique because of its healing and nourishing properties. It is the most unique molecule that heals, repairs and increases dermal density of the skin.

Questions on Clarity Lotion.

Questions on Bamboo Charcoal Facewash.

Questions on Niacinamide + Zinc PCA Facewash.