Here to relieve you from your Chemophobia. - Pure Bubbles Skincare

Here to relieve you from your Chemophobia.

Chemicals come in two different varieties. Biological and artificial. The term "natural chemicals" refers to substances that are found in nature; "man-made chemicals" refers to substances that are created through the use of synthetic materials; however, natural chemicals are the primary source because they are used as catalysts in chemical reactions to create new substances.

We need to stop believing that chemicals are "BAD." You wouldn't have even one skincare product on the market without these chemicals, as even products marketed as "clean beauty" or "natural beauty" contain chemicals. Did you know that your favorite "natural oils" are primarily composed of hydrocarbon molecules and trace amounts of many chemicals?

Every living organism on this planet has a unique chemical makeup. Natural resources, some of which can be extremely harmful in their raw state, have been transformed into great skincare products thanks to science. Science removes the undesirable elements and preserves the beneficial ones.

So bid a goodbye to Chemophobia because Hey! Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus make up the majority of your body.
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